Château Visz

Luxury and elegance at Lake Balaton

The luxury hotel Château Visz, a nobleman’s residence, awaits those who want to relax and unwind in a park forest. Arriving is also an experience. After turning off the M7 motorway at exit 135 towards Kaposvár, the road leads for a few minutes between the soft slopes of the Somogy hills, and then the romantic settlement of Visz welcomes us. The idyllic luxury hotel borders the castle forest. We continue along ancient trees and grape dunes until we arrive at the castle hotel, an hour away from Budapest.

The residence, its builder, evokes the world of Count Jankovich: he wants to revive something from the 19th century. from the bright receptions of the end of the century. The carefully selected and designed equipment captures the atmosphere of the turn of the century, as well as the 21st century. 20th century devices ensure perfect comfort almost invisibly.

In this environment, we can give ourselves time and space to stop, rest and understand.

We can relax and recharge. We can get a new impetus.

The luxury hotel is one of the gastronomic strongholds of Southern Transdanubia. The Chateau Visz gourmet restaurant, one hour from Budapest, was awarded the title of Restaurant of the Year based on the 2010 evaluation of the Dining Guide. The master chef of the gourmet kitchen awaits and dazzles his guests with his daily renewed food creations.

The thirteen uniquely designed rooms of the luxury hotel are decorated with masterpieces of Hungarian painting.

The forty-five-hectare English garden surrounding the luxury castle hotel is located in one of Hungary’s largest hunting grounds.

Those looking for an active holiday can choose from colorful program options in the area.

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A Gourmet Restaurant

The chef at Chateau Visz designs dishes  as masterpieces of art: everything we experience with our noses, eyes and ears plays an important role in his “food-poems”. He makes local flavours unique and unrepeatable at the highest level.
In the wine cellar of the castle you will find the greats of national and international wineries.

Count Jankovich’s Library

The library used to be a room for spirited, all-night card games. Today it awaits our guests for an after-dinner cigar or a glass of cognac by the fireplace. The library is equipped with state-of-the art computer- and audiovisual equipment. It can serve as a place for meetings and presentations accommodating 20-25 people.

The Castle of Count Jankovich

The hunting castle was built on top of the hill, close to the village. In the nineteenth century, castles served not just as the seats of local administrations but as seasonal residences as well. Today the former splendour has been restored. Fulfilling its original purpose, it  again serves its guests as a place for seclusion and exclusive festivity. It offers a unique opportunity to inspire one’s soul and imagination, far from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The Castle Park

The place is truly an island of tranquility, a park of elegance. The chateau is surrounded by 45 hectares of unique plants and trees, many of them protected species, and a pond. When taking a walk among the park’s contemporary sculptures it is easy to forget about the stress of our daily lives.

Luxury Suites and Rooms

Twelve suites and custom-designed rooms as well as a Royal Suite await our visitors. The suites emulate the elegance of the aristocrats who visited the original chateau.  The walls of the rooms and common areas are hung with paintings by Hungarian artists from the early twentieth century.

Active Rest

Chateau Visz is located in one of Hungary’s best hunting areas. The region is rich in game and is frequented by hunters from all over Europe. The chateau’s guests are always welcome by the local hunting association and they are treated as guest members.