Gourmet restaurant

The chef of the luxury hotel’s gourmet restaurant whose culinary art has fascinated food lovers for years.

For him, designing a menu is a work of art, and he composes his masterpieces not only with the flavour in mind, but by also considering the visual, oral and olfactory aspects of food.

Our master chef can conjure up flavours of the highest quality that are also unique and unrepeatable. He offers his guests, in all seasons, a gourmet menu, consisting of seven courses, which changes on a daily basis and is prepared from seasonal, regional and fresh ingredients. The courses are composed with fresh herbs and edible flowers that generally come from the chateau’s own spice and herb garden.

The combination of traditional and molecular techniques and the most modern kitchen technologies creates unique and exciting courses. The wonderful menus and courses are Hungarian in character. Our Maitre D’hôtel has wine recommendations to go with each dish, and he offers excellent wines from the neighbouring vineyards. The gourmet restaurant is an hour’s drive from Budapest and promises to offer an unforgettable culinary experience. The chef’s philosophy is to find a simple and direct way to breaking down well-known dishes into their components and then to put them back together again in a brand new composition.

Based on the 2010 evaluation of the Dining Guide, Château Visz was chosen as the Restaurant of the Year.

Opening hours of the kitchen:

1st of Oktober-30th of April
Based on advance registration